Rentals_Jothiranjan_Product shoot_August 2022_ (116)Rentals_Jothiranjan_Product shoot_August 2022_ (116)

Rental Trek100 Shoes – (August)

180.00/Per day

Product Features


Good build that protects your feet on uneven terrain

Water proof

Waterproof membrane helps keep your feet dry in mild rain

Strong grip

Deep grooves in the sole give you good grip on slippery surfaces


506 gr per shoe in size 42

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Deep Dive Into What Makes This Product The Best Option For Your Trek

1) It is a perfect trek buddy to handle all sorts of terrain that you might face outdoors, from scree to slush. The material used to make the shoes is built to last mud, slush, snow, pebbles, slides and scratches.

2) It has a moderate waterproof rating which means that it can resist  light showers. We have used it on our treks in monsoon season and this one has proved to be a reliable pair of shoes for light showers. Though its performance dips a bit in winter treks when you are mostly all the time in the snow.

3) The outsole of the shoe, which is basically the bottom part of the shoes which makes contact with the ground, is an important factor in deciding how confident you are going to be on the trails. This model comes with CrossContact sole design which helps in getting traction on slush/snow/rocks and scree.

4) Perfect ankle length of the shoe which supports the ankle on uneven terrain but is not an irritant or uncomfortable on long sunny days. It helps minimize the chances of ankle sprain injuries which are quite common on treks.

5)  Eyelets upto the top end of the show all the way till ankle support. Eyelets are important to keep shoes snug around the foot. This gives the confidence to walk on slopes and slippery patches as the feet do not slip inside the shoes.

6) This pair of shoes weigh around 500 grams approx. This makes these shoes lighter in comparison to other trekking shoes available in the market. Having a heavy shoe can make them cumbersome and take away from the comfort aspect.

How do we make sure you get clean and hygienic rental products?


If there is any damage to the gear, it is sent for repair


After repair, we clean it to remove all dirt, stains and odor.


If required, gear is either sun dried or air dried.

Why this product is important for your trek ?

Many times trekkers don’t understand the importance of having proper trekking shoes for a trek. We see them sometimes showing up with sports shoes/sandals. While on easy treks and in good weather, trekkers are able to complete the trek in sport shoes, most times, that is not the case.

Not having good trekking shoes can sometimes lead to serious injuries. You may twist your ankle, you may slip on icy surfaces and more often than not, you may be left without a shoe if your sole comes off from a regular sports shoe.

Here’s where a trekking shoe comes in:

1)  A trekking shoe is purposely made to be hard and rigid with a hard outsole. This is done so that you do not feel the rocks and pebbles under your feet which won’t be the case in regular sport shoes.

2)Secondly, trekking shoes with mid ankle length protect your ankle from serious injuries without you even realizing it. On any given day of trekking, your ankle twists a bit because of a wrong step multiple times. With trekking shoes that come with good ankle support, it happens in a fraction of second without any major impact.

3)Thirdly sports shoes are made up of porous fabric, getting wet/damp from inside at the slightest contact with water. Imagine walking through puddles/slush and getting your entire feet soaked wet right at the beginning of the trek. This happens on a regular basis on any day of trekking but we don’t realize it because trekking shoes are waterproof.

4)Lastly, trekking shoes give you the confidence to walk on unfamiliar terrain because they are designed in such a way that they increase traction of your feet. Without you realizing, they make it easiest for your body to move on with confidence. Being able to walk without fear of slipping adds a lot to the entire trekking experience.