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Why we want everyone to rent?

We all work towards one vision at Indiahikes. We want everyone to trek. We strongly believe that trekking transforms people’s life. 

If any sport has to grow, it is important that the gear associated with the sport has to become cheap and easily accessible. 

If you look at trekking as a sport, trekking gear does not come cheap. We did a survey with our weekend trekkers to Nag Tibba. We found that every trekker spends around 15 thousand on the gear for just two days of trekking. This is a huge amount to be paying for a sport that you do not do every other day.

Also, trekking in the Himalayas needs quality trekking equipment. You cannot trek with substandard gear. Having low-quality gear affects your trek experience. Again, this does not come cheap. Not everyone can afford it.

This is where Crosstrek rentals come in. Bringing in high-quality equipment gear at very low rates for more and more people to rent. We strongly believe this will enable a lot of people to get into trekking. This way we are moving towards our vision, that everyone must trek

There is another strong reason for us to bring in CROSSTREK rentals to the trekking world. We believe it is a very sustainable way of trekking. By renting, you are majorly cutting down on buying new trekking gear. The less you buy, the more sustainable it is. There are no arguments there at all.

This is why it is our vision to have head-to-toe rentals. We want to bring in choice to the trekkers. You should be able to walk into our rental store at the base and find different choices, colours of anything that you want. You can try it on, see if you like it. It should look fashionable as well. It is like a regular store that you walk into and try things on.

Never before has this been done in trekking. Trekking in fact is not seen this way at all. We want to change that through CROSSTREK RENTALS and do all of this at basically no cost more than the trek fee that you pay.

Like I said before. This is going to open up trekking to a lot more people. Everyone can now think of trekking

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