• When can I book my rental gear? 

Rentals open on the 3rd of every month for treks happening the next month. So if your trek is in May, you can book your gear from 3rd April. 

  • Can I Change the shoe/jacket size at the basecamp when I receive it?

Unfortunately, no. The gear is reserved for you based on what you have booked and we may not have alternative sizes available at the basecamp. We advise that you book the size carefully and avoid hassles later. We are unable to issue any refunds when the wrong sizes have been booked as there is a lot of logistics involved in the backend. 

  • Where will I receive my rental gear? At home or the basecamp?

Your rental gear will be given to you when you reach the basecamp on the first day. So you can travel light and rest assured that we will have everything waiting for you. In case you have rented a trekking backpack, we have a cloakroom facility at every basecamp to store your luggage safely as you carry only the essentials on the trek. 

  • Is there a deposit amount for the rental gear? 

We take great care of our equipment and request an economical deposit amount for each rental equipment. This can be paid directly to our store manager at the basecamp. Deposit amounts vary for each product. Here is a chart- 


Rental Cost Range(Rs) Deposit(Rs)
Upto 500 1000
500-1000 2000
1000-2000 3000
Above 2000 4000


We request that you carry exact change in cash for the deposit. This will be refunded to   you when you return the product without damages. 

  • Are the rental shoes broken in? 

All our rental shoes are top of the line and broken in. In the very slight possibility, you may receive a brand new pair which makes you lucky. Even in this case, the shoes are designed not to give shoe bites, so don’t worry. 

  • Can I change the size of the gear I have booked before the trek? 

Unfortunately, to change the size of the gear, you must cancel your order and re-book it. A 96% refund will be issued on the cancelled order. We suggest carefully considering the size when booking the first time. 

  • Can I cancel a single item from my bulk order? 

Of course. The order is available on your dashboard and you can cancel whichever item(s) you want without affecting the rest of your order.